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Check out our sadism blog for reviews of movies related to sadism and reviews of escorts through out the world that specialize in BDSM (Bondage, domination and sadomasochism). Concentrating on the USA and London in the United Kingdom. Havens for those who to try out their kinky side! BDSM providers can either be found working independently or with escort agencies in the USA or the United Kingdom. Providers that work independently may have their own website. Contact information will be found on their websites.

The escort reviews we publish on our blog will have a link to the website of the BDSM escort reviewed. We hope this well be helpful.

We will add more sections discussing BDSM role-plays and other sadism media. Kinky BDSM outfits and clothing is also something we will look into adding to the website. We aim to be a portal for all things involved with sadism and BDSM. Life’s kinky side!

BDSM and sadism


Sadism between consensual partners. All about perverse enjoyment and sexual gratification. Makes you feel alive and gets that heart pumping. The adrenaline flowing. Those adrenal glands in action. Humans need it!



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