Escort reviews of Angelique of Saucy London

Angelique at Saucy London

Angelique –

Review December 2014

Magnificently unpolished bubbly Essex bombshell (strong Harry recommendation, much tastier than the shit photos) whose unselfconscious, remorselessly upbeat and side-less take on the world was as much a pleasure to be with as her greedy little mouth and armpit-height legs. Had a lot of collective laughs tapping in to her what-the-fuck spirit to explore a few boundaries and ended up in an oily, sore but deeply satisfying heap in her very homely Paddington pad. What I believe is known in the business as an entirely genuine girlfriend experience, only heightened by her remarkable resemblance to the younger stepsister I always fancied, I’d get in there now before any of it is corrupted by a professional sheen (not that I suspect it ever will be…..)

Review July 2015

On a steamy hot London evening I found myself dinning out with a longstanding girlfriend who these days through domestic arrangements is rarely able to enjoy a night out in the City. Meal about to finnish when my lady came up with a request that she fancied some female company. I was more than keen to accommodate but as it was approaching 10 pm I pointed out that this was not such an easy request to fulfil. I phoned Harry, outlining our requirements and 10 minutes later he called back, recommending Angelique. It is always a risky business making an eleveth hour booking but I trust Harry who has never let me down. One hour later Angelique arrived at the Hotel and we were not dissapointed. The girls got on like a house on fire and it was obvious immediately that this would be an evening to remember. And so it turned out to be. The girls kept me thoroughly entertained with an amazing show, performing with toys, double dildos and strap on. I of course joined in and sex in every conceivable position was tried and enjoyed by all three of us. I cannot remember having as much fun for a very long time.
Angelique, for a such a young girl, is very attractive, fit, obviously loves sex and appears to have no inhibitions. She, unlike many others who claim to be, really is bi-sexual and a proper performer. All in all she was great.
Thank you Angelique and thank you Harry for coming up trumps at such ridiculously short notice.

August 2015

Having being let down with a couple of hours to go I was in need of a girl to see and a fellow C69’er recommended this young minx to me but cautioned that you need high energy levels when seeing her and boy was he right!

‘Angelique’, I booked through her AW profile (English Emily XXX’) and after speaking to her friend who was taking her bookings (sounds none to good but it was fine) within a couple of hours she was in my hotel lobby – short, tight dress, fuck me high heels and pristine make up), keen to hold my hand and be my companion for the next couple of hours. What you have to say about her is that she is probably the friendliest escort I have met and certainly the most bubbly and is in danger of giving this hobby a good name.-and that is no bad thing.

She clearly is a sex addict, can’t get enough of it and loves her sex and her life (is there a difference?)- an Essex blonde, she is certainly not dumb but is great to be around and she wastes no time in getting personal with you. She is naturally submissive but that does not mean she is shy -far from it- she soon got to grips with me locking tongues, smearing her lipstick on entry in my room, searched for my cock and entertained me to her day job as a dancer- and she has the moves.

For someone so relatively young (early 20’s) she can deliver a relentless OWO DT that is as good as as there is out there (if she reminds me of anyone it is ex porn star Laura Turner in her adoration of man meat)- she is pretty non stop, goes very deep and will not stop unless you beg her to – one of the great images I was left of the night was her lipstick smeared, mascara ruined face as she devoured my cock- she loves to DFK and gets incredibly wet – and she likes to ask you “do you know how wet my pussy is?”- and with good cause as she gets soaking and squirting is very much on the agenda!

She loves cowgirl and you know if you have hit the spot with her as she is nicely vocal and will arch her back to get the right degree of entry and penetration – she is a screamer that just added to the excitement. She is cool on photos and twice asked me to take a picture of the ‘pearl necklace’ the two of us created and her marvellous bum.

In between our couple of rounds she treated me to a nice massage (she is level 3) and stories of her life both on and off the battlefield- she is very open about her life, her past and what she hopes for the future.

She has a real love of life that is infectious and as the saying goes made an old(ish) man happy!. She is a great fuck and be nice (or nasty ) to her and she may show you her steel butt plug.

She is a great gal and worth anyone’s time and money but as my fellow C69 member advised me you do need good stamina to keep up with her- she is one feisty lady!


Take a chance and see her!

Escort reviews of Shay Sights

shay sights

Shay Sights –

Review July 2001

She showed up dressed a little casually for my taste, especially in NYC — it would work in LA. But that was okay because then I didn’t feel obligated to take her to dinner. After ordering some room service we got down to the fun stuff caressing one another and sucking one another’s tongues. Soon her top dropped and those mammoth hooters came to the fore and she was on her knees taking care of me… Thankfully, room service knocked on the door, delaying my gratification. After munching on some salad, I returned the favor and she loved it — I hope. Then deep-throated me and kept at it until old faithful did his stuff running to the bathroom for a quick spit. She gave me a so-so massage to prepare for round two which began with some toy play and then with her again displaying her oral fixation. Finally, she begged me to fuck her doggie which I did and while I would love to tell you I received anal pleasure, too, that will have to wait until next time. We just banged at it real hard for about ten minutes while I swatted her little ass (she doesn’t have wide hips and her ass IS small relative to her tits) until poppa popped. Shay will be a lot of fun on return visits when I hit the lotto.

Review September 2015

Her assistant is all nice and friendly in the email but I was dying to know how Shay actually is. Felt a bit tensed at the thought of spending time with a porn star. Lol what a fool I was. This lady is a gem, she was all over me and pretty much did all the job half the session. We didn’t waste time and after some nice DFK and groping she sucked my cock with sultry eye contact and DT. Couldn’t wait to pound that pussy and see if she’s tight or not! The bj was too good to speed things up so I let her finish and I blow my first cup inside her mouth. She still had the lingerie on at this point but when she came out of the bathroom she was totally naked and looking marvelous. She covers me up and I thrust like a thirsty dog from behind her, tugging at her hair. We try Greek for variety, went smooth and nice and tight I lose control and blast my second cup. We grope each other on the bed after cleaning up. Perfection! Let her overstay a bit because I didn’t want her dress too fast!

Review July 2016

Shay began the fun with rubbing my crotch, the unzipped me. We began to deep kiss, she then undressed me. Began with a nice, deep Blow Job then some stroking of my unit. I proceeded to lick her hard nipples, then stroked her pussy. We then went to the bed, she stroked me some more, then I paid attention to her smooth pussy. Proceeded to give her a tongue lashing,Munich she loved. On went the cover, we began in doggy held her arms behind her as I entered. After a few minutes, we went to me pounding away on top of her. Very intense, very wet pussy by now. After a few minutes I was ready to go, Shay finished me with a hand job. Bravo Shay!

Review September 2016

I excused myself to shower quickly as the New Orleans weather is a bitch on the hygiene. After the shower I found Shay relaxing on the bed and joined her in my towel. We chatted for a few minutes about life and the business and then the fun began. Shay is a terrific kisser and we made out like teenagers. I soon found myself moving South where I thoroughly enjoyed her luscious and natural-appearing breasts, flat tummy and long, sculpted legs before settling in for a delicious DATY on a gorgeous pussy I have long admired. Shay was responsive to my attention and was soon writhing as my face became covered in her nectar. After a hard pop for Shay she made her way down for some awesome BBBJ that morphed into a hot 69. Soon the cover was on and Shay welcomed me into her tight canal. She rode me cowgirl and the feeling was great. Shay really knows how to move and looking at her made it difficult for me to hold out. Once I felt the rainfall of wetness from her pussy that was dripping onto my thighs and abdomen, I was done and lost cup #1. We chatted for a while and Shay changed into a hot body stocking I had given her for round 2. More BBBJ, DFK and a finish in missionary with me standing beside the bed followed. We discussed anal and it will definitely be available next time! All in all an experience that met and exceeded my expectations. Don’t hesitate to see her if you get the chance.

Review September 2016

I was seated in the bar when Shay arrived at the hotel dressed in black leggings, loose blouse and a wrap. She looked absolutely stunning, sexy and totally at ease with meeting me. She may be in her early 40s, but her body is tall, thin, toned, and looks like she is 25. Her face is that of a brunette vixen, flawless. Her pictures do not do justice to her appearance. Her breasts were large and visible under her blouse, but she was dressed in complete sophistication of the moment. After exchanging a long DFK to start matter, we headed up to the room.

Once we settled on the bed we exchange stories about our work and play, I found her to be highly intelligent and conversant almost to the point of distracting me from the real play time. Needless to say, once she took off her clothes, and I followed there was no more talk, simply touching and rubbing each other until the frenzy started. BBBJ began with lots of spit and I visualized myself in one of her videos. So9on after more DFK and nipple rolling my tongue found the lips of her pussy waiting. And shortly thereafter mouth tasted the first O of many that evening. Such a sweet taste from those lips. With some movement downward it lead to FIV ad FIA and rimming of the ass. Soon we were on 69 and Shay played with my asshole while taking my now completely rock hard cock all to the balls.

The cover went on and Shay was enthusiastic as to all position with a very tight warm pussy inviting me in. Mish CG RGG, Doggie and lazy dog were all experienced with a gush of fluid wetting my balls and be. Soon she asked if I wanted to explore anal. Hell yes, and her back side was penetrated with a resulting Ahh..More..More. This absolute beauty has a sexual appetite that is nonstop. With getting close the cap come off and I exploded in her mouth with the contents running down her breasts. That was enough for me to immediately go to round two, with a second pop soon thereafter all over her face.

After Shay cleaned me up and some cuddling it was after the time afforded. She left with a smile, kiss and a wink that let confirmed to me that that I just experienced a memory for a lifetime. It will not be a lifetime until I see again. Don’t settle for the hype of other porn stars, go for real–Shay Sights, Superstar.

Escort reviews of Mistress Jasmine


Mistress Jasmine –

Review October 2006

I went to visit Ms. Jasmine in her downtown location. The place is nice and tidy. After initial conversation about my interests and taking care of business she switched immediately to a session mode. Ms. Jasmine is definitely a pro. The session felt very natural and unscripted. I was asked to get on my knees and lick her high heel boots. Then after some foot and leg worship (she has beautiful legs)I was handcuffed and bent over for some serious strap-on action. As a reward for my performance I was ordered to worship her beautiful and delicious ass. I was then ordered to cum for my mistress while she spread her legs over my face and gave me some of her golden nectar. Definitely a keeper.

Review May 2012

I got there to see Jasmine in a body-hugging black dress. She looked gorgeous! She looks great in her photos, but even better in person, with a very young appearance. Its deceiving, though, since she’s very worldly and mature, as she clearly is calling the shots.

The visit was intense yet deceivingly simple. My love of giving oral sex was put to the test as she slapped some cuffs on me until I was immobilized on the bed, then she rode my face frontways, backwards, sideways, and probably a few other ways. Then on went the blindfold and she kept going. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself and though it was at my behest, once we got started it was clearly all about her, which just intensified it.

This was more of an experiment for me as some of my intimate cravings involve a woman who leans aggressive/dominant, so it was cool to scratch that itch. But Jasmine clearly has all sorts of diabolical toys and mischievous ideas, which I managed to escape by reason my modest tolerance. A peek at Jasmine’s website will tell you all you need to know and more, and you’ll also see that her limits are fewer than many in her field — but just remember its always her call.

Overall this was an intensely satisfying experience from a cool, intelligent woman that genuinely enjoys what she’s doing.

Review February 2015

Setup our meeting online on Niteflirt and this is exactly what I wrote her….

I would like to humbly request the honor of a session with you. From the moment that I saw the clip of you humiliating your slave while he wore a plaid skirt and humped away at your perfect arches, I was hooked. Your voice, your commanding presence, your gorgeous face, your flawless legs and toes, it was too much. “Ignored For Footjob” made me late for work once. You can’t make videos that hot, its not fair.

I will finally be in your area this weekend and would love to have the honor to submit to your feet. I have a debilitating foot fetish. I’ve had it since I was a small boy and it’s gotten stronger and stronger as the years have gone on. I would love for you to take advantage of it and make me a quivering mess, willing to do anything for your feet. Command me to drop to my knees, chain me to a leash like a dog and make me follow you around on all fours for your legs and feet. I cannot even imagine how much I would be drooling and insane with pure lust.

I will massage them the way you command, sniff them the way you command, admire them the way you command, lick them the way you command, suck them the way you command. I am putty in your hand the moment I see you. I’d love to meet you on the ——–. Whatever works best for you. If you can please grant a pitiful footboy this request I will not let you down and worship you the way you deserve.

–She made all of that come true. Trampled me. Wore my mouth out sucking her toes. Drained my balls working my dick with her flawless feet. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my entire life. She even live tweeted pics as she was doing it. I cannot wait to see her again.

Escort reviews of Louise Knight

Louisa Knight –

Review Jan 2018

She offered me a shower and I accepted as all gentlemen should, and left the donation on the table while I cleaned up. When I came out she had prepared the room with lots of BDSM paraphernalia promising a good time. She excused herself for a brief shower and when she returned we were both naked. Her body was lithe with the smooth soft curves of a woman, free from any ink or previous alterations from a plastic surgeon, and with a pleasant scent and clean taste in all of the key places. She is a switch and we agreed on a domination session from her. We locked eyes and she turned into a devious minx figuring out how to get into my head. She smiled at me and told me I could not touch her unless I had permission. She had me place my hands behind my back and proceeded to slowly and deeply kiss me with her tongue fluttering in my mouth. She started giving commands and I stated obeying. She had me totally and completely under her verbal control, following her every command. We worked through two hours of sensual teasing, with Herculean oral feats accomplished by each of us (sans condoms), along with safe penetration of every orifice in the room. She gives herself to the moment without hesitation and her passions come through beautifully.She is definitely multi orgasmic and there is no doubt about when that happens. She made me feel like I was the only person on the planet. Either we clicked and she had as good a time as I did, or she deserves and academy award. Either way, I left very satisfied and vowed to see her again. We finished spent and satisfied. I had a brief shower and left her with a kiss and a promise to see her again. Gentlemen, she is a gem, please treat her that way.

Review December 2017

We met at a bar and over drinks discussed my limited past exposure to kink and BDSM. Decided to start out we me being on top and switching part way through the session so that I could experience both roles. Back at her location, I took a quick shower and she walked me through her selection of toys. After some DFK I put a blindfold on her and then and tied her to the bed while scantily clad. I really enjoyed slowly taking off her clothes and exploring the various parts of her body. She is toned and well groomed so it is not something to be hurried!

About half way through the session she took charge and ordered me to untie her. She then proceeded to sit on a chair and instructed me in extreme detail how to suck on her nipples. Having someone be so verbal on what they wanted was an incredible turn on – especially with a cute Brit accent. I was then given the same detailed instructions on how to she wanted my tongue to treat her pussy – which soon was very wet. She then lied down on the bed and had me lube her ass and insert a metal butt plug. By this time I was pretty turned on so she put a cover on me and teased my dick with her lips and mouth, before I proceeded to enter her from behind. The sight of her stunning ass while I inserted my dick into her pussy was a moment that I will probably never forget. I came soon after and we talked for a while before I left looking forward to the next encounter with her and some of the toys she has available.

Review November 2017

My fantasy is to be under complete sensual control of a beautiful young woman and as requested, she greeted me in a sexy business outfit and I was immediately under her spell. She slowly and sensually guided me to undress her and worship her amazing body.

Louisa is very verbal and I slowly took off her skirt while we continued to kiss, revealing a sexy set of matching bra, panties , garters and stockings. Slowly and Sensually guiding me, allowing me to explore and pleasure her entire body – from her sexy feet, perfect breasts and most stunningly her moist and inviting pussy, such an amazing scent……

Louisa began fingering her already moist pussy, pausing at times allowing me to suck on her moist fingers. I then worshipped her beautiful ass, gladly licking the juices dripping from her pussy. As requested, Louisa mounted my face for a good long while, grinding, moaning while pinching and playing with my nipples.

Louisa is very sexual and came at least three times. So many other things we did were a blur (her lips were magical toying with junior) and at the end, I requested her to allow me to explode while I looked into her warm and beautiful eyes and sucking her wet fingers from her pussy. Louisa was in no rush and we continued to relax on the bed and had a great conversation on her and life in general. Louisa is an amazing and warm person and literally can’t wait for her next trip to the Big Apple!

Review August 2017

She gave me directions to her incall. When i arrived, she called me and walked me through how to easily access her apartment in London. After introductions, the session started with DFK which was soft and sensual and then deeper. I had told her I liked hard pinching and biting of my nipples and so she expertly worked her way down and started to softly nibble. I begged her to do this harder and harder which she happily obliged….it was incredibly erotic. She asked if I would lick her….OF COURSE I DID!!! She was not afraid of telling me how she liked and we did this until she came. It was very erotic and I enjoyed this very much.

After the DATY, she had me lie on the bed and started with more DFK and very painful pinching of my nipples (at my urging). After several minutes of this, she had me turn over and stated to flog my ass and back. I begged her to do this harder and harder. I stole a glance at her face during the flogging and saw a huge smile on her beautiful face. She was thoroughly enjoying the flogging which turned me on to edge of cumming. I was able to hold out as she ordered me to flip over where she dished out more pain and started with a CBJ. After a while, I couldn’t wait any longer and asked her to fuck me. She climbed on top and slid her very wet pussy over my cock and rode me to an explosion I won’t soon forget!! After cleaning up, we chatted about our sexual experiences and it was clear how much she enjoyed sex and how very talented she is. This was an incredible experience that was well worth the wait.

Louisa – to you, I say thank you and can’t wait to see you again. To all the hobbyists out there, what are you waiting for….go see her the first chance you get. Tell her what you want and I promise she won’t disappoint!

August 2015

Louisa wore a short black dress and stilettos. After a brief chat I asked her to stand and lift up her dress. She did to reveal a very sexy and expensive set of lingerie, and a corset, which I had requested. I asked her to keep her skirt up, gag herself, and unpack her toys for me. The skirt fell “accidentally” several times and I administered some corporal with a paddle and cane.

Louisa loves to have her bottom smacked, caned, paddled and squeezed and her pussy moistens immediately. She is a natural submissive and likes to have someone else be in control. After the paddling came a covered blowjob to completion – really more of a face fuck which she enjoys.

After a cocktail I tied her up and put her against the wall with a plug in her ass and a gspot vibe in her pussy. She was made to beg to cum whilst I caned her hard. I put clamps on her nipples and sat her down in a chair and upped the vibe. She came like a frieght train – shaking and pulling against the ropes tell she begged me to stop the vibrator. I provided a little after care and chocolate and she was ready to go… I needed a rest.

The final act had her reading me a dirty story -Carries story by Molly Weatherford whilst fondling by balls and sitting stride my cock. She came and stopped reading so I flipped her onto her back and fucked her while continuing the story and coming hard.

We talked literature, movies, musicals, music, and drank champagne. She loves sex with men and with women, and next time I may enjoy her and one of her friends. Louisa offers kissing with tongue but I licked her sweet pussy one more time instead and off she went into the night.

Escort reviews of Mistress Inga


Mistress Inga –

Review March 2018:

I sessioned with Mistress Inga yesterday. She teased, and tortured me bringing me to subspace like I’ve never been before.

I arrived in my chastity belt and she immediately took control of the keys. She tied me down and unlocked my chastity belt, then attached electrodes to my cock and balls intermittently switching from a wonderful tingling feeling to painful zaps. She then iced my cock down to get it back into chastity put me on a leash and showed me off to the other dommes.

She brought me back into the dungeon, tied me to back down and alternated between teasing me with ice cubes and dripping hot wax on my nipples, genitals, and legs.

After that, she tied me to a cross, flogged me and teased my chastity belt cock with a vibrator

Next she shoved a butt plug up my ass and threatened to keep my cock locked up for the next week.

She ended the session letting me cum but making me eat it.

I’ve never had a mistress bring me to subspace like she did, she is amazing!

Review Jan 2018:

The session was a medical play in the medical room and began with some basic flogging as warm-up. I then worshiped and cleaned her boots. Afterwards, she ordered me to take off her boots and massage and sniff her feet, which were amazing. She sat me on the medical table and introduced me to sounding. It was my first time and I was surprised by how easily and painless the sound went in and it actually felt really good. She also introduced me to needle play and stuck needles through the skin of my penis. The sting of the needles was a perfect balance between pain and kinky. She then used a tens unit on my cock and turned it up little by little until I reached my pain tolerance. She would then play games with me by changing the intensity of the tens unit. It was awesome watching her smile while I squirmed. Finally she let me worship her feet while I pleasured myself and she forced me to cum in my hand and eat it.

Movie – Pain factor

Movie – Pain factor

These two wonderful ladies are actual sisters, Tami and Lisa. They receive intense lessons form Mistress Pamela in “how to enjoy life”. The nature of the lessons? How to receive pain and like it! After serious nipple abuse and breast flogging, the pretty Tami delivers her unsuspecting sister, Lisa, into the hands of the cruel mistress. Lisa receives a rude awakening in the form of an “over the knee” spanking, breast flogging, nipple torture, and a pussy whipping that brings her to climax. Finally the mistress unties the girls for some bruising ass punishment and their virgin voyage in the the land of electrical torture! Absolutely SHOCKING!

Although the participants of the performance you’re about to witness are highly educated in the art of submission, this degree of play is not recommended at home. Watch as two beautiful girls are severely punished. See their white flesh turn red, welted and bruised. The pain delivered to these girls will leave a lasting impression that may disturb you. This video is not recommended for the faint at heart.

Video coming soon!